Why it works?
As you know, social media has really exploded in the last 10 years. Networks have reached over 4 billion users combined — you likely being one of them.
All social media users have opinions about products that are valuable to the various international businesses that produce them.
This is how Google earns its money — they track your ‘thoughts’ from all your searches and email, predict what you want to buy at any time, and sell that data to advertisers. In return, they give you Gmail, Google Search, and their other products for “free”.
RewardsFeed has worked for over 13 years developing an AI-based algorithm
Instead of software products, our team at RewardsFeed has worked for over 13 years developing an AI-based algorithm to deliver 90%+ of this value directly to your hands, completely skipping all share eaten up Google, Facebook, etc.
This is how our payouts are highest amongst our competitors, because our smart algorithm allows us to operate at 7-8x the efficiency of other networks — you are free to check and compare!
How it works?
You give us your opinion by completing tasks and presenting ratings.
A “task” is a request by our sponsor to use their app or to complete their survey, each carrying simple instructions to validate usage.
Our algorithm then shares this with our sponsors so they can improve their products.
If you do it correctly according to all their instructions, they pay us, and we pay you 90% of this value — directly. Remaining 10% forms our operating costs.
The tasks you see are presented and curated by our artificial intelligence algorithm that drives RewardsFeed and its many happy members to earn profits.
Our AI has been learning since 2006, and it learns more every time you complete a task. When we started, our algorithm used to only pay out $2 per task.
Now, we have developed our algorithms much more with data from 185,000+ happy members and $30 per task isn’t uncommon to see.
This is why we’re paying you to invite new members as well (who knows for how long!) so that our algorithms can learn and grow better.
Our goal
Is to completely remove the discrepancy large tech companies have with regards to user information, and instead give you all the value directly & tangibly.
As you join our network, work with us, and invite your friends!
Our algorithms improve and we can offer better tasks and larger payouts. We welcome you and thank you for participating in our effort.
Everyone should get what their opinion is worth online!
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